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Actualization: Monday, June 13th


Åman R., Handroos H.
Pseudo-Dynamic Solution of Pressures in Small Volumes in Fluid Power Circuit Simulation

Antoniak P., Stryczek J.
"Cycloidal Gear Machines" Optimal Designing of Inner Channels in Gerotor Pumps

Baker J., Ivantysynowa M.
Investigation of Power Losses in the Lubricating Gap between the Cylinder Block and Valve Plate of Axial Piston Machines

Banas M.
Method of Characteristics Forming of the Multifunctional Hydrostatic Machine

Burszczan I., Tomasiak E.
Dynamic Analiysis of Hydraulic Receivers Controlled in the Proportional Technique

Choux M., Hovland G.
Design of A Hydraulic Servo System for Robotic Manipulation

Ciezobka M.
Automatic Recognition of Hydraulic Component Symbols in Technical Drawings

Czyzewski T., Lisowski E.
Application of Parallel Control System in Manipulator’s Work Visualization Process

Domagala M.
CFD Analysis of a Flow Control Valve

Drumm S., Wohlers A., Fatemi A., Murrenhoff H.
Hydraulic and Tribological Investigation of Injection Systems for or Fuels from Biomass

Dyminski D.
Modelling of Bent Axis Axial Piston Machines – New Approach

Ebisawa M., Tanaka Y., Tanaka N.
Micro Mechatronics System Using Functional Fluid Power - Design and Fabrication of Micro Pump and Connecting Tube

Enekes C., Murrenhoff H.
New Design of Tribological Systems of Axial Piston Pumps with Coatings and Environmentally Friendly Fluids

Fabis J., Lisowski E.
FMEA Matrix Method in Analysis of Hydraulic Systems

Filo G.
Pressure Control in Band-Saw Hydraulic System Using the Fuzzy Logic

Frazoni F., Milani M., Montorsi L.
Developing and Tailoring a CFD Code for Multiphase Multicomponents Flows

Fredrickson A., Ivantysynowa M.
A Study of Gap Flow Conditions between the Piston and the Cylinder of an Axial Piston Pump

Gawlik A., Michalowski S.
Concept of Active Counterweight System for Medium Excavator

Guzowski A., Sobczyk A.
Conception of Mobile Robot with Hydrostatic Drive Steering by Plus+1 Module

Haas R., Manhartsgruber B.
Simulation of a Periodically Excited Nonlinear Transmission Line

Hawryluk M., Lisowski E.
An Analysis of a Hydraulic Cylinder Sealing by the Use of Finite Element Method

Hughes E., Ivantysynowa M.
Mini-Excavator Performance Prediction and Verification through Experiment

Jouini N., Ivantysynowa M.
Valve Plate Surface Temperature Prediction in Axial Piston Machines

Juhala J., Pietola M.
Pressure Control in Digital Hydraulics

Klop R., Ivantysynowa M.
Investigation of Noise Source Reduction Strategies in Hydrostatic Transmissions

Kot P., Lisowski E.
Optimization of Pneumatic Power Servo-Mechanism Made Completely from Polymeric Materials

Kucybala P., Pobedza J.
Energy Recuperation in Hydrostatic Transmission System

Kumar R., Ivantysynowa M.
Towards an Optimal Energy Management Strategy for Hydraulic Hybrid Powertrains Based on Output-Coupled Power Split

Luan Z.H.
Research on Non-Meshing Force Gear Pump

Meyer J., Stelson K., Hencey B., Alleyne A.
Optimization of the Power Management Strategy for a Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle

Mimeni H., Lisowski E.
CFD Analysis of Pilot Operated Relief Valve

Nagaishi K., Tanaka Y., Suzuki R.
Bubble Elimination for Hydraulic Systems - New Design of Hydraulic System for Environmental Compatibility

Okularczyk W., Sobczyk A.
Experimental investigations of guide rings made of UHMWPE and PTFE composite in water hydraulic systems

Pelosi M., Ivantysynowa M.
A New Fluid-Structure Interaction Model for the Slipper-Swashplate Interface

Pessi P., Handroos H., Wu H.
Water Hydraulic Weld/Cut Robot with Parallel Architecture

Posa I., Krchnar J., Stracar K.
Residual Life Prediction of Hydrostatic Drive Using Artificial Neural Networks

Riedel Ch.
Condition-Monitoring-System for Hydraulic Fluids

Seeniraj G., Ivantysynowa M.
Noise Reduction in Axial Piston Machines Based on Multi-Objective Optimization

Sidhom L., Smaoui M., Di Loreto M.
A 2nd-Order Robust Adaptive Differentiator-Controller Design for an Electropneumatic System

Skrocki A., Szlagowski J.
Comparative Tests of Microprocessor Controlled Low Speed Hydraulic Motors in the Range of Low Rotation Speeds

Sobczyk M., Britto J., Perondi E.
Cascade Nonlinear Control of Pneumatic Actuators with Application to the Aeromovel

Sliwinski P.
Power Balance in Hydraulic Satellite Motors Supplied with Oil and HFA-E Emulsion Transport System

Turki Saied K., Smaoui M., Brun X., Thomasset D.
A Multivariable Passivity Based Control for an Electropneumatic Actuator

Ulatowska A., Lisowski E.
Topology Optimization of the Connecting Rod

Walczak P., Sobczyk A.
Control System of Double Acting Single Ended Cylinder - Water Turbine Simulation Conception

Wang J., Paidoussis M., Mongeau L.
A Method for Noise Reduction in Hydraulic Lines

Williams K., Ivantysynowa M.
Towards an Optimal Energy Management Strategy for Hybrid Hydraulic Powertrains Based on Dual Stage Power Split

Wohlers A., Meuser M., Murrenhoff H.
Improving the Dynamic Behaviour of Axial Piston Pumps by Means of a Generic Simulation Approach

Wos P., Dindorf R.
Problems of the Adaptive Control for Electro-Hydraulic Servo-System

Zardin B., Borghi M.
Modelling and Simulation of External Gear Pumps and Motors

Zimmerman J., Ivantysynowa M.
The Effect of System Pressure Level on the Energy Consumption of Displacement Controlled Actuator Systems


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